Annual Tarot Reading for the World 2016

Annual Tarot Reading for the World 2016

Tibetan Dorje

Greetings! Great News!!!
We have reached the brink of transformation into the New Era, symbolized by The Aeon XX, a powerful encouragement for each of us to offer our unique gifts to a world in distress.
This card, usually called Judgment, traditionally depicts the end of the world, when we are called before a god to be judged. Instead The Thoth deck uses the name Aeon, to envision a time of liberation from the dark ages of violence and exploitation into the Aquarian Age of the Water Bearer. This represents the elevation of love out of possessive, obsessive, and delusional romanticism, into a time of Intelligent Love. Aquarius is not a water sign even though it is the Water Bearer, It is an Air sign, the element of the mind or intelligence, ergo The Water Bearer is Intelligent Love. No more the sacrificed god of the Piscean Age, that is epitomized by a litany of martyrs, Jesus, Joan of Arc, King, etc.
There are no court/personality cards in the reading, so this is not about individual heroes, saviors, or martyrs. Its time for circles of people and communities to come together with shared purpose and seize the time. The 2 of Wands, (Mars in Aries), shows a Tibetan Dorje, that symbolizes the power of thunder to send our egos scurrying for cover, so that each of us may rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and find our true domain. Drop all ego disguises like the skin of a snake and let’s feel our life force become clothed in the light of our soul purpose.
As opposed to power over one another, the toxic version of Mars in Aries, we are being “shocked” into awakening. Not only thunder, but extreme floods, earthquakes, drought, famine and all the natural phenomena that are a result of our abusive treatment of our Mother Earth.

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She is shaking up everything, so Spring is going to come in like a lion, be prepared! We are being offered another chance to claim our destiny as midwives of our own liberation by joining with all other species in abiding by the laws of nature.
In my recent poem called, We are becoming wild again, is the stanza:
…that the laws of man
are a trick to protect thieves
and tyrants
and we are wild animals
declaring our allegiance to the earth
to Earth Justice
to the laws of nature
that love is power…

Now let’s go through each card in the reading using the Kabala, Tree of Life diagram, as the layout. Take your time reading this; I only do it once a year…

1) The Aeon
In addition to the above synopsis, it is important to look carefully at the image. It shows a pharaoh receding into the background, as the arching body of Nuit, the sky goddess, encircles Horus in his aspect as the god of silence.
This hints at the procession of the ages, as patriarchy releases its stranglehold and fades away, and the great mother, Nuit, nurtures the hidden, joyous, curious and creative child spirit in each of us.
The god of silence suggests that each of us needs to come to a place of clarity concerning our relationship to this time, beyond our concerns about personal relationships, jobs and location.
The emphasis is not about ego/personality, but a knowing that allows us to make decisions based on life purpose. It is key to speak of our plans only on a need to know basis to avoid planting the seeds of confusion and doubt.
The shadow of the god of silence points to the reality that all of us were silenced in some way as children by family and/or society. We need to re-parent that part of us, so we all may reclaim the basic joy of existence. We need validation that being ourselves is enough and we don’t need to do something to be loved and supported. Seek help in this process if necessary.

2) 8 of Swords “Interference”

Jupiter in the divided sign of Gemini will attempt to disguise himself as golden opportunities for fame and fortune to distract us. Do not be fooled! Your soul is like a shining Star/Sun and the best way to avoid temptation is to make sure your time is allotted to keep you on course, orbiting your own inner light. If not, you will open yourself to the accidental aspects of life.

3) The Magician I
Stay tied to your true will like the Magician and synchronicity will abound. In the Kabalistic position of Binah, the womb of the great mother, you are gestating new ways of communicating (Mercury) and resisting attempts by your rational mind to defeat your intuition. Let reason serve your true will and it will be your ally not your enemy.

4) The Hermit/Crone IX

In the position 4 of the Kabala appears The Hermit standing at the crossroads, holding up the light of truth as a guide. How will you choose? The Magician, as Mercury, rules Virgo the sign associated with The Hermit. To see this card follow The Magician bodes well. Do not be turned away from your path as the hound of hell, Cerberus nips at your heels. He is the three-headed representative of the unrelenting march of time, past, present and future. The linear lens is a false perspective, as Einstein proved. The pyramids are being built as we speak; wrap your mind around that one!
When necessary step away from the battle, all external influences, and go inward. “This above all, to thine own self be true, then thou canst be false to no man”. –Polonius to Hamlet

5) 2 of Wands “Dominion”
As was stated earlier, this card shows that the individual ego limits our ability to see through the lies about the authentic forces of the universe. That the Dorje is a Tibetan symbol brings to light the great gift of the Eastern teachings as they have influenced Western culture.
This wisdom has been adapted to bring to the West mindfulness, breaking the ego/mind trance and helping us cultivate the ability to respond and not react. In the process of Westernization we have also seen the rigidity of the patriarchal aspects of Eastern religions learn to shed their own skin to be of service in these times.

6) 4 of Disks “Power”
In the center of the Tree of Life, the 6th position, we see a castle surrounded by a moat with only one way in. In the previous card we were prepared to view power as the ability to lead an authentic life by finding our true domain. Now we must confront the old paradigm of power over and recognize the need to create structures that are not rigid and hierarchal like the “royalty” of the past. Its deeper meaning is to create structures that can keep undermining influences at bay, dropping the drawbridge only to allies. Practically speaking, it is time to see power not as ownership but stewardship, by humbly abiding by the laws of nature and building a society around these principles. It is time to end the hubris of humans who have attempted to enslave nature and find ways to integrate human institutions and businesses by following the precepts of permaculture and bio-mimicry.

7) 10 of Disks “Wealth”
Fours and tens are completion numbers so this card and the last signal a shift away from worshipping the false gods of Power and Money. This card is Mercury in Virgo, combining the previous cards, The Magician and The Hermit in the position ruled by Venus on the Tree. A powerful indicator that wealth will be extricated from its crass meaning of accumulation of money and things and restore it to its higher implication that true wealth is found in community. This card is exemplified by the image in the Motherpeace deck of a tribal circle singing and drumming to help a young mother give birth.
In tribal traditions potlatches were held so that those who amassed more possessions then they needed gave everything back to the people. This was considered an act of the highest moral integrity in service to the common good.

8) The Devil/Pan XV
Here we will encounter all our demons of obsession, possession and addiction to power at the cost of our humanity. Traditionally the image for this card is The Devil enthroned while his male and female servants are chained to his seat of power. They have been fooled into believing that something outside them will bring satisfaction, be it drugs, money, sex or things.
In the Thoth deck we see the reinstatement of the god Pan in all his glory as a tenacious, playful, sensual and embodied lover of the female principle. The Devil was the attempt by religions to demonize the horned god and all humans who loved the natural rhythms, cycles and joys of nature; to in fact condemn sensuality to the realm of sin that is punished by eternal damnation.
May each of us throw off these shackles and know that there is nothing they can sell us that will bring happiness. No amount of power and possessions will ever give us peace and self-love.
As we leave the Chinese year of the young goat let’s take a leap of faith and climb the mountain of our destiny by gaining footholds in pursuit of our life passions until we once again reach the wild places, free from the false gods that see life as a test and a sufferance.

9) Death/Transformation XIII
Here we arrive at the position on the Tree of Life called the Foundation. Death shows no mercy for any toxic structures that are “founded” on the false presumptions of ownership and the right to enslave. The image of Shiva dancing recalls the essential nature of all life; that all things die and our composted to create the soil of renewal.
In this image we see a skeleton cutting through the stagnant waters to aerate the dream-filled waters of the emotional plane and bring bubbles of new and potent visions to the surface.
On the personal level it calls on all of us to recognize relationships that are stuck and draining and release them. It is not the idea of cutting people off just letting go and seeing what happens when we trust in the process of non-attachment.
On the world stage, imagine we are hospice workers urging the dead and corrupt systems of human superiority to go to the light. Goodnight Capitalism, Good-by Patriarchy, We are no longer afraid to face the mystery on our own.
We are growing beyond the need to have parents, in the form of religion, government, or academia that refute our essential right to self-determination.
We are growing up just in time to dance the Apocalypso as our ears are re-tuned the music of the spheres, the cycles, and the seasons of life.

10) 2 of Swords “Peace”

The final position on the tree represents the resultant manifestations of the steps delineated above. How perfect that we arrive at blessed peace. Here we find our Lunar guide through the darkest hour and our balance in the restorative justice of Libra. (The 2 of Swords influences are Moon in Libra).
The Aeon is 20 so it is on the same vibrational level as both the 2 of Wands and the 2 of Swords. Two is also the number of The Priestess who crosses the abyss on the Tree of Life, fearlessly guiding us through this long night into the dawn of a new age. After all the Moon is what engendered life on Earth in the first place.
The emphasis throughout this reading is on being, not doing. This does not imply inaction at all, just the release of reactivity. It does emphasize that all action will flow from a certainty derived from knowing why we are here. That can only be recovered by listening to the voice within.
Hold strong, resist the temptation to make anyone the enemy, to believe we know the “right’ way to proceed and stay present, awake and alert to all signals. We will all see more clearly everyday that we are interconnected, unlimited by false beliefs in external gods. We are reclaiming the reality that we are essentially loving and compassionate beings.
May kindness be your practice, may you be a fierce warrior, flexible and firm in defense of life. May we all recognize that love is all we need and all the answers are always in full view when we are awake!



Happy New Year!
Note: The layout is the “Kabala” called “The Tree of Life”

This year’s Reading for the World holds great promise and calls for great caution as well. We need to see that we are actually in the new time of community and alternative solutions but the old world will continue to threaten, lie and cajole; using fear and money to attempt to co-opt or maintain control.
The key lies in the solar center of the tree of life where we are called to negotiate temporary truces wherever possible without compromising our principles.

1. 10 of Disks-Wealth

The first card is the 10 of Disks, called “Wealth” telling us it is time to recognize true wealth is a community that shares, supports one another and communicates well (Mercury influence). This re-interpretation of wealth is imagined in the Motherpeace deck where we see everyone in a circle helping a mother birthing her child. We are all midwives to this new era of giving, sharing and honoring all as our relations.

2. 2 of Cups-Love

Next, the 2 of Cups, “Love” appears in the place of masculine wisdom, called Chokmah. This will manifest as more men seeing the wisdom of Venus in Cancer where she shows us that love is the only home we need.
Since 10=1 and the second card is 2, the pathway between them, The Fool, 0, shows us infinite possibilities available to us when we ground our “Love” in the “Wealth” of community.

3. Wheel of Fortune X

Then we see The Wheel of Fortune, X, (another 1) spinning out new ways to expand our fortune through green, sustainable and local entrepreneurship that recognizes nature as source not resource, as we relearn the Earth’s systems of regeneration.

4. Ace of Swords

The fourth position, representing law, order and governance, Chesed, holds the Sword of Truth, (Ace of Swords), demanding that deception and lies must be slain through a demand for real Justice. In the Thoth deck it is particularly apropos that Venus, the goddess of love holds this very same Sword in her hands, in the Justice card, VIII; telling us that true justice is sourced in the power of love.
2015 adds to 8, so the whole year will be re-defining Justice on all levels.
We can expect a year of court decisions and laws realigning themselves with compassionate and restorative solutions. We will see the lies of our prison industrial complex exposed as race and class prejudice rears its ugly head to be slain.
In relationship to all other species we will at last recognize that human laws must be brought into alignment with natural laws as more communities and countries establish constitutions and laws that acknowledge the rights of nature to survive and indeed, thrive once again.

5. The Hermit/Crone IX

In the position of revolutionary change on the Tree of life we find the ancient wisdom of the Hermit/Crone standing at the crossroads. As each opportunity is offered from the wheel of fortune we will consult our inner guides to match external choices with internal ethics.
The hounds of Hell at the heels of the Hermit remind us to remember that it is our own demons we must understand and we need to turn away from the temptation to project all that is bad outside ourselves. It will take great restraint to stay present, strong and vocal without being called into a physical and/or reactive battle with those who are lost in ignorance, fear and greed.
All must be invited to the table and offered ways to heal and change, but they can no longer be allowed to devastate this beautiful, precious life and planet.

6. 4 of Swords-Truce

Now we walk the path of Justice from 5 to 6 on the tree and find the 4 of Swords, “Truce”. This card actually combines, Fortune with Justice through the influences of Jupiter in Libra. Timing is everything so the skills of mediation and temporary truces will bring us good fortune if we are patient. If we hold strong and don’t get baited into hatred and revenge for the first half of the year we will be rewarded in the second half.

7. 7 of Swords-Futility

As we move through the path of Death, 6 to the 7 on tree,
we are challenged to deal with the limitations of the mind. The 7 of Swords, “Futility” appears to challenge us to not let our fears of this unknown make us doubt the powers of truth sourced in love to be victorious.
The mind’s pattern is to re-enforce our fears in the disguise of logic. The final temptation of Siddhartha was to succumb to self-doubt as Mara laughed at his foolish belief that he could become enlightened.
He gave up his attempts to argue with his mind and merely touched his hand to the Earth, and declared the great Mother as his witness.
As he sat under the Bodhi tree he watched the disillusion of the lie of separation and felt his roots as real as the roots of the tree of life itself.
May we all trust in source even as our ego-mind pretends to the throne of power.
As Caroline Casey, said recently, on her show The Visionary Activist, no one gets enlightened without a tree!
Another words, our spiritual evolution must be earth based or it is meaningless and delusional.

8. Knight of Wands

As we move across the tree on the Mars path of The Tower, it is time to let go of all toxic forms of the war god and bring our fire to light through the fierce energy of the Knight of Wands. We have been deceived into sacrificing our freedom and our rights and allowed our gov’ts to create wars and exploit the earth in the name of safety and security.

We need to express our truth through action but we must pull the reins back and stay grounded so our optimism is not naïve new age doublespeak.
These are very dark times and only our willingness to see things exactly as they are can pull us through. We need to place our trust in the resiliency of the life force and the power of love not a false belief that we can actually know what reality is. Then imagination and creativity will be harnessed to Earth Justice not an anthropomorphic, mind-centered worldview.
This is a re-imaging of Mars as a warrior of the heart, flexible, courageous and innovative.

9. The Aeon XX

In the foundation of The tree of life we see the Card The Aeon, XX, the new age has taken hold, and as individuals, families and communities, we need to arrive at a deep sense of knowing that we are physically in the right place. We need to make our decisions based on what will offer us the greatest opportunity to give our gift of this incarnation to the world.
Only this authentic knowing can protect and guide us through the final birth channel when we will see ourselves once again as part of an ever-expanding universal dance of life.

10. 2 of Disks-Change

The final card in the reading, the 2 of Disks, called “Change” shows us shedding the skin of the old Jupiter who was only focused on fame fortune and power, to see him reborn as Fortuna, the female aspect that recognizes the cycles of life as also the cycles for our lives. The old gods of Progress and Growth must be brought down and replaced by the reality of life, growth and death. Life is one big compost heap, what will we grow?
Compost your past imaginations, failed dreams and fears and know that “the light is returning, even though this is the darkest hour, no one can hold back the dawn!”
Do not hide in delusion or fear, occupy public spaces through gardens, art, farmer’s markets and yes, march in the streets, covering each other’s backs to proclaim the end of a cruel and unjust system.
Only then will we see that life’s systems, laws and cycles have been here all along. If we find our balance and our justice in the laws of the earth and the universe, answers will become obvious and the flowering of a new age will be as undeniable as the first rose of spring.
…..Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed
That with the sun’s love
In the spring
Becomes the rose!


Reading for the World 2014

Key words:
Balance and Justice

NOTE: This is not a sound bite so read it when you have time to digest, I promise it will nourish you!

“Just like a tree standing by the water, we shall not be moved.”

- civil rights song lyrics

Choose a tree this year to befriend and visit it regularly to reroot yourself in nature. Yes, scientists have now learned that tree hugging actually boosts our immune systems. Just like a tree our growth needs to be sustainable, able to sway with the winds of change and stay steady, strong and peaceful. Hold fast, have faith, even when you don’t know the answers. Apparently we must face the darkest, darkest hour just before dawn. We were born to facilitate this transition, keep the dream alive for the future generations, that they may thrive!

All permaculture systems to heal are ready to go. A shift in values, purpose and consciousness, rooted in love, is the final stage that will end this era of greed and abuse. But before blast off we need to become an immoveable force.

Time for us to ground ourselves in the work that we are here to manifest as our unique gift to this world. Find ways to infuse your work with meaning and ethics even if you are working for institutions that are only focused on profit.

The reading begins and ends with eights. Starting with the 8 of Disks and ending with the 8 of wands. These cards are both aspects of the Archetype called Justice, or Adjustment, in the Thoth deck.

This is a Libra card, whose symbol is the scales of Justice, the only astrological sign that has a manmade icon.The trouble is the definition of justice in our world has lost its connection to nature’s laws and has become a manmade tool of unjust systems that are hell-bent on unchecked growth and exploitation of so-called resources including water, air, earth, and all species, including humans.

We have lost touch with the intrinsic value of life’s myriad forms and view everything through the lens of profit and the desire for power.

When you don’t know how we will make it through the collapse of empire take signals from the laws of Gaia who is diligently adjusting to all the abuses of humans. She can heal and recover if we stop interfering, stop our destructive exploitation, and start working with her through permaculture, peacemaking and taking care of each other.

The element of Earth is the strongest aspect of this reading. Besides the 8 of Disks, Prudence, we also see the 6 of Disks, Success, and the 9 of Disks, Gain.

We will achieve success by doing work that is in service and grounded in love (9 of Disks, Venus in Virgo). It is a stressful time, so the healing arts are especially emphasized.

The collective idea of love is still lost in the realm of fantasy and delusion, (4 of cups). Time to bring up to date your current relationships by communicating clearly about where you are at now.

To clarify ask yourself:
What you have learned -
What you want to invite in now -
What you are releasing that is dysfunctional -

Then make choices from this fresh evaluation. (The Lovers VI, previously called Decisions or Choices). Remember after the fantasy, honeymoon phase it is the willingness to communicate honestly, to sit in the fire and not run, and to be vulnerable, that bring intimacy and deepen relationships.

The Air element, or the mind, is facing an internalized battle rife with self-judgment and cruelty, (9 of Swords), so its time, more than anything, to be kind to yourself.

If you can let go of the victim through self-acceptance then you will be more capable of birthing projects and work that is authentic and part of your destiny. (3 of Swords, Saturn in Libra). Create structures and reasonable goals that enhance your ability to give birth to work that is essential to your life path.

The most crucial aspect of the year is represented by the connection between The Hanged Man and The Emperor. The Hanged Man holds the central position on the Tree of Life nailing us to the martyred (Jesus, Ghandi, King) and inhibited archetype (fundamentalist fanaticism) of the Piscean Age that we are leaving to rise up into the visionary, healing and intelligent love of Aquarius.

The last 2,000 years are defined by religions and pseudo-science that negate and denigrate the natural world, consider sex and sensuality wrong, except for the purpose of procreation. It is time to embrace the embodied self and see our interconnectedness to the web of life.

Earth is not a testing ground for who goes to heaven or hell, it is a place to learn about love, creativity, evolution and the mysteries of the universe.

The Aquarian Age is also focused on technology as we work to reign in these new tools to serve to bring us together and help create one world. Right now they are basically serving the profit motive and creating a lot of close-knit alienation.

The Emperor and The Hanged Man have the same body language that is shaped like the number 4. The Hanged Man is upside down and immobilized. To turn thing aright The Emperor needs to reclaim The Visionary Activist, which is the true nature of Aries.

When an empire is falling it is suicide or martyrdom to throw ourselves onto the machine that is destructive and power hungry. While we need to continue to expose the dysfunction of the current system we need to trust in the life force and work on creating community through democratic systems of our own.

Don’t martyr yourself to the empire as it dies; rise in your courage and beauty to care for and protect each other through localizing food and businesses, and keep breathing with awareness, to make it through the birth channel into the new age.

The 8 and 9 of Wands, are the only fire cards in the reading, calling us to each be beacons of light and magnetize the people and support to us by fearlessly being our authentic self. The arrows in the 9 of Wands are tipped with moons symbolizing the feminine intuitive power that radiates and gives people confidence in what you say and do.

This suggests that being a force to reckon with draws the support of seen and unseen forces to our aid. The 8 Of Wands is sending energy out from this core through making connections with a diverse rainbow of talented and inspired folks across the planet. People like Vandana Shiva who are articulate, passionate and undefeatable. She was recently interviewed at the top of her game in a tete-a-tete with Fox news, without being disrespectful at all.

Time to let go of petty differences, blaming the other, and looking for an enemy.

Own your own duality by integrating your male/female, demon/light worker dichotomies and recognize all opposites as compliments in the dance of life.

Like that other great song that acted like a shield against the police and vigilantes during the fight for civil rights, “This little light of mine, I’m goin’ let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”


Reading for the World 2013

Princess of Disks

It is the Year of the Young Woman, who is calling all of us home to re-root ourselves in nature and find our resiliency there.

She has exceeded reactivity, symbolized by the balance of Yin and Yang in her shield, that is both protection and the out flowering of her inner mystery.

As the divine witness she sees past the lies that rationalize the exploitation of the earth, and acts in consort with all who love her, to reveal that which is gestating in her glowing belly.

She will be birthing authentic projects that mimic the systems of her mother earth, like permaculture, fully confident that a new time has already taken root and the future world is growing amongst the ruins.

Her message is, “I don’t care what you call your spiritual path, or your religion, just as long as you are pagan, too!”

In other words, this place, this life, this sacred gift cannot be owned, enslaved or considered a temporary testing ground for the afterlife.

All the laws that are at the core of our failed, colonizing, nation states, must be discarded so we as a species will once again abide by the laws of nature, become a global village, and find ourselves welcomed back into the world family that includes all species.

Laws that protect exploitation of the earth through the lie of ownership will be replaced by a re-cognition of the rights of nature herself.

Her sister, The Princess of Wands, in the position of communication in the Kabbalah, is ready to dramatize these principles through theatre, dance and activism. But watch out, if this fiery one is not heeded she will stir up some serious conflict!

On February 14th women all over the world will participate in onebillionrising.org, to declare the end to the abuse, rape, and oppression of women. It follows that as we treat women so we will treat the earth. Women will no longer be held back!

The Sun XIX

The Sun follows the Princess in the position of wisdom, revealing that it is time to reclaim the joyous, innocent and playful child in us all!

Everything in this reading is calling us back to source, so that we can radiate, like The Sun itself, and give without conditions or limitations.

All of us are here at this time to end the reign of superstition and prejudice, to illuminate this time with the creation of co-operative, egalitarian, consensus-based forms of community and enterprise.

The Sun, like the fiery core of earth, calls us to orbit our own soul so we may heal ourselves and offer our unique gifts; our reasons for incarnation at this crucial time.

The 7 of Disks (failure)

In the heart of the mother, (Binah, in the Kabbalah), we find it is a failure of the human imagination to continue to work without meaning for a system that only uses and discards us. The 7 of Disks, ruled by Saturn, is pressuring us to recognize that jobs don’t work, only work that reflects an authentic life purpose can satisfy the yearning of the human soul.

The 4 of Disks (power)

Next we step into the 4th position and see that to own our power we need strong boundaries to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm or unconsciously undermine our purpose.

These boundaries need not be harsh, just clear, kind, consistent, and declared bravely.

The 9 of Wands (strength)

As we step into the challenging position #5 on the tree of life, revolutionary change can be seamlessly traversed if we can radiate, like the Princess of Disks and the Sun, our inner fire, so that others trust and are reassured by our presence.

The Wheel of Fortune X

We will need this inner strength to not be thrown into chaos by the Wheel of Fortune that reigns in the solar center of the tree, position #6, so we can rediscover the deeper meaning of our teacher, Jupiter.

This secret of this card is that we are not meant to be victims of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but to find the natural cycles of life and bring our own rhythms into sync.

The three beasts on the wheel are the Gunas in eastern mythology. The Monkey represents action, The Sphinx, the wisdom to witness that we find in stillness, and the Crocodile, that represents, inertia, where we can shed light on our shadow and heal from within.

Sadly, the only Guna that is valued in our consumer society is action, when we are desperately in need of the ability to slow down and hear our inner guides.

Jupiter will offer us opportunities to find our destiny and life work if we are not dazzled by temptations that keep us in the failed state of the 7 of Disks.

Once again we are called to the center of the circle, like The Sun, to see these phases as natural and the endless pursuit of progress and conquest as diversions that leave us empty and greedy for more.

If we can honor times of introspection, be willing to heal our wounds and then help others through the compassion we gain, then Jupiter will open doors for us to do our real work within our own communities.

The 5 of Swords (defeat)

Next it is our work to rescue Venus from her feelings of defeat after being treated for millennia as an objectivized source of our temporary gratifications.

She has literally become gun-shy at all the violence and abuse that is done in the name of love, be it patriotism, religious fervor, or possessiveness on a personal level. But the last thing she wants is to be defended by the toxic form of Mars, who just creates more violence. She does not want more guns, in the schools, in the streets or on the battlefield. She is calling on Mars to give her real respect by laying down his weapons and becoming a warrior on the path of enlightenment. May it be so.

Princess of Wands

Next we see the Princess of Wands that is the active part of the Princess of Disks. She has already stepped onto the world stage speaking out at the climate change conferences and demanding that we give her back her future, and her children’s children as well.

PLEASE Note: The Princess is not just young women but that courageous aspect of all of us, that knows it is time to defend her life-affirming power to recover and thrive.

The Hanged Man XII

Now we go to the scene of the passion of the Piscean age, that must let go and relinquish its guilt-ridden, inhibited limitations on the free spirit in all of us. The Hanged Man XII, who represents the sacrificed gods of the past Aeon, epitomizes this.

No longer will we crucify the male aspect every time he upholds the feminist values of nurturance and compassion, like Jesus did.

To sacrifice is to make sacred and now we must not surrender our powers to guilt, shame and saviors outside ourselves.

Surrender now means to drop deeper into our own souls and find there the serpent power of the kundalini life force and encourage it to rise and electrify our embodied self. It is an age of healing, a time to own our sexuality, creativity, autonomy and once again, after an initiation based on self-awareness, we may find ourselves in the luscious garden of our mother earth.

The 2 of Cups (love)

It is so fitting that the final card that appears in the position of actual materialization, is the 2 of Cups, called love.

As we find ourselves freed from inhibitions to express ourselves fully, we will find that like humanity, love also wants to be free and freely given.

As Thich Nhat Hahn states, “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”

Thich Nhat Hahn is a perfect example of a feminist man who is both kind and courageous, an activist who continues to do his inner shadow work so that he is truly a kind warrior on the world stage and firmly on the path of awakening.

So tap into the deep convictions of your soul purpose, trust your intuition, and declare, “Like a tree standing by the waters, I shall not be moved…”

Videos of young women speaking out!

14 yr. old Afghani, Malala, speaks out for women’s rights to education:

Middlebury College student, Abigail Borah, speaks out about climate change at Durban conference

12 yr. old Canadian, Victoria, explains economics and how to change the corrupt system


2012 Kabbalistic Tarot Reading for the World

Gung Hay Fat Choy – Happy Year of the Dragon!!!

“Don’t speak too soon, for the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now, will be later to win
….the times they are a-changin’”…. Bob Dylan

This quote immediately came to mind when the Wheel of Fortune X turned up first in my annual Tree of Life, Kabbalistic reading using the Deck of Thoth.

The entire reading orbits around the concept of Fortune, and how we are going to define it. Traditionally it deals with fate, work, money, success or failure, and influences that come from without. Our challenge now is to make choices that match our sense of inner will and purpose even as we are dazzled daily with the delights of money for its own sake.

The Fortune 500, (the 1%), continue to dominate the world markets. To quote Dylan again, “money doesn’t talk, it swears” and the obscenity of the greedy seems to have shed all pretense of humanity.

The response is a strong thrust toward self-employment or cooperatives that are local, community enterprises for a sustainable future.

The clock is ticking and since it is the nature of humans to procrastinate, it must be the perfect time to ‘occupy’ the 11th hour before we destroy life as we know it on planet earth and find a new way to co-exist. There will be no success in going back inside the old paradigm, now Fortuna points us to the center of the wheel, the eye of the storm, to learn the mystery.

In the card we see three beasts; the crocodile, the monkey, and the sphinx; simply put they are inertia, action, and stillness.

All life moves through these phases and yet the 1%, against all evidence to the contrary, pretends that progress means an ever increasing, expanding empire of the greedy. The world’s wealthy only acknowledge the ‘monkey’ business of maximizing profit no matter what the consequences may be.

The world of religious monastics may only recognize the meditative mystery of the Sphinx but that crocodile is swimming with his eyes just above water making sure we are paying attention to the shadow side results of all our actions. When we least expect it he will pull us under, just like he did when the tsunami hit Fukushima and the disaster of nuclear energy was revealed once again.

As individuals this means facing our shadow, our own hostility, frustrations, self-pity and doubt and with kindness take the time to go within through journaling, fasting, and spending time in nature. Refreshed we can return to the monkey’s call of action in a more conscious way and next time, when the action phase winds down, we might go to the witnessing of the Sphinx instead of being thrown into depression or illness first.

Fortuna tells us to stay in the center, to recognize the cycles like the phases of the moon or the rising and falling of the tides. Nature has its seasons and its reasons to maintain life. Slowing down, composting the past, taking time to rest and spend time with loved ones will feed us so we can survive the demise of empire.

Instead of seeking our fortune externally it is time to offer our gifts to the world and create right livelihood. Otherwise we are just working for the man to get the credits we need to buy the stuff they sell; this is called consumer hell, and welcome to it.

Behold the Center
Next we see the Ace of Cups echoing the central idea of this reading – that true wisdom is sourced in the heart. As Einstein said, “The intuitive heart is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”.

Unless we bow to our hearts we will be caught between compromise, the 4 of Swords, or futility, the 7 of Swords, both ways of being paralyzed by the ego’s fear of change. Interesting that the Wheel of Fortune is the path between 4 and 7 on the Tree.

We see this repeated in the suit of emotions represented by the 4 of Cups, Luxury, and the 7 of Cups, Debauchery. Now the choice is the illusion of romantic fantasy or the overindulgence in the temporary fix sold to us everyday in tasty adlines.

These are both clear examples of the old paradigm of Fortune and negate our power to fulfill our unique potential.

The Fiery Triumvirate

Next we have a potential for real victory with the combined forces of The Sun XIX, the fierce warrior, Mars, (The Tower, XVI) and the Courage of the Lion in the card called Lust/Strength XI! If we can harness this trio as individuals and collectives we are unstoppable!

True strength/lust is sourced in our life purpose and not determined by external opportunities. Be not fooled by the golden ring on the merry-go-round of life. As Crowley states, “Lust, without lust of result, is in every way perfect!”
Passionate, uninhibited free spirits are showing themselves in freedom squares across the planet!

The Sun brings its gift of self-sufficiency into the realm of structure and order, suggesting further expansion of solar powered communities as well as the reality that the sun sheds light, supports life, and gives warmth to all – free of charge.

Individuality, for so long manipulated to divide us, is redefined. Now to be a great individual is to contribute to the well being of all life with one’s unique imagination and creativity.

Then Mars steps in to declare his supremacy in the realm of revolutionary change! The challenge is to choose what kind of warrior we aspire to be. In the old paradigm all the victories of Mars were born out of violent convulsions of war, death, and destruction. Past revolutions that defeated corrupt dictatorships failed because they sought to use the violent methods and eventually became what they hated. As feminist Audre Lourde so aptly stated, “ you cannot dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools”.

The 3 of Disks, called Works, represents the work we as individuals and our culture have created as a foundation to build on now. Since the 60’s alternative systems continue to evolve across the board. Healthcare, education, human rights, ecology, consensus, locally sourced food and industry are thriving even as the old disintegrates.

In the Motherpeace deck the 3 of Disks card shows women building a temple to the goddess. It is not important whether you relate to this imagery, what is being shown is the honoring of the earth as mother and rerooting ourselves in the natural order.

Women all over the world are calling us home, invoking the real meaning of economics, ikoniokos, the household budget; that actual fortune lies in an economics of care. Check out Riane Eisler’s work on this idea currently being practiced in Scandinavia.

Mars can be externalized as a monstrous War God or owned in each of us as a strong and fearless warrior for peace!

Warning: Everywhere the old Mars will continue to rape and plunder until will can sit in the fire of conflict and use mediation and collaboration to make peace, especially with that person right next to you!

May we enter the age of gifting and leave the age of greed that fed us the toxins of our own failed imaginations. Dream big, love fiercely, and always remember that the children’s future is our responsibility.


Other Wise


Annual Tarot Card Reading for the World, 2011

‘A Fire Blazes through the Forest, fed by the Winds of Change as Death’s scythe moves swiftly to clear the undergrowth and pop open seeds for a Sustainable Future!’

The metaphor of wind feeding the fast moving fires, arises out of the two suits that dominate the reading; 4 cards in the suit of Swords, Air, and 4 in the suit of Wands, Fire. There are no cards from the suit of Disks, Earth, (as was the case last year as well) and none from Cups, Water. It’s as if everything is being stirred up as pure energy and we are being prevented from solidifying solutions too quickly. We will be hard-pressed to stay grounded (Earth) in our hearts (Water) and not let the destruction, especially actual wild fires, get out of control.

Everything is paired up. Victory and Defeat, 2 Majors, 1 female and 1 male court card, 2 Gemini cards, and the 4 to 4 mentioned above. The way opposites were joined in the past, by the good/ bad, right/wrong, powerful/powerless dynamic is being severed by Death and The Lovers redefine the great reunion of opposites as compliments in the dance of life.

The most glaring reality is that Death holds sway in the heart/solar center of the reading, making it all too clear that propping up the old systems, institutions and beliefs will only bring more actual death and destruction.

Using The Tree of Life Kabalistic Layout. Sephiroth means position on the Tree

1) Sephiroth:The Crown, Card:6 of Wands“Victory”

The key here is to understand the true nature of victory as opposed to the power-over concepts of winning, defeating, or conquering.

The essence of this card is rooted in the Leo-inspired passion to make what you love the work you do. This is a win/win option.

Jupiter announces new employment opportunities are everywhere, because every system that is dying needs to be reinvented. Old promises of security are being exposed as false and if you create your own work at least no one can fire you! Leo is also about leadership and courage so this year will be marked by individuals, groups, and businesses engaged in meaningful work and simultaneously creating user- friendly systems.

2)Sephiroth:Wisdom, Card:5 of Swords “Defeat”

As soon as we set out to claim right livelihood, the shadow, Victory’s old partner, Defeat, demands that we listen up, hear and heal the wounds that we suffered under a competitive, greedy, power hungry system.

Venus would like to step into the Aquarian Age with all her beauty and bravery, but she has been severely battered by the patriarchal abuse of her gifts and would like some guarantees.

On an individual level when we aspire to be a unique expression it draws the power away from the ego’s fears of wounding and defeat. If we are being ourselves there is no winning/losing only growing and learning.

In relationships be transparent when you feel like running, give love another chance and you might be surprised at the empathy you receive! There is always a point of challenge but trying to keep everything harmonious by being a superficial, weak Venus will send love packing soon enough! Might as well admit your fears or they will hold all the power.

3)Sephiroth:Understanding, Card:4 of Wands“Completion”

In your life if you are going around in circles in your relationships and nothing is growing, changing, or even being worked on its time to complete that story and move on. The same applies to work and living situations. It is not a time for long drawn out affairs when only frail hopes and fear of the unknown are keeping them alive.

4) Sephiroth:Mercy, Card:THE LOVERS VI (Gemini)

This card is the classic representation of the joining of opposites but it is so mired in old beliefs and prejudices that joy has been drained from the communion cup. Royalty, religion, toxic mythologies and repressive family systems are all present to reinforce themselves by wedding dominant male to submissive female.

This card used to be called decisions or choices and asks us to bring up to date our relationships by freeing them to be channels for love not a function of the state and dysfunctional social orders.

Are you ready to let go of romanticized, commercialized and possessive versions of love and let love itself be your teacher?

5)Sephiroth:Severity, Card: 8 of Swords “Interference”

Now we move to the position on the tree involving revolutionary change called “Severity” and we are met with 8 swords that are blinding us with offers from the pop-culture version of Jupiter. Here he becomes the Gemini genie offering us opportunities for fame, fortune and travel that may have nothing to do with the direction of our inner compass.

Even well intentioned folks can take you off your orbit if you let your mind make all the choices on its own. Keep the ego-mind in check by bowing to the wisdom of the heart before leaping into the fray!

6) Sephiroth:Beauty, Card: DEATH XIII (Scorpio)

Now we have arrived at the center of the tree and Death grins; hungry to devour our past imaginations, our stagnant relationships, and laugh at our pathetic attempts to fool him with new age doublespeak that denies the seriousness of these times. He is serious about getting enough compost to fertilize the birth that ripples through the body of our Mother earth. He is serious about having a good time, so get real, it not a time to bargain for reform, just let go and move on!

7) Sephiroth:Victory, Card:Queen of Swords (Virgo/Libra)

In the position of victory on the tree of life, the Queen appears to take her rightful place as the refined version of Kali. She is shown holding the head of a shaman (Shiva) in one hand and a sword on the other, declaring her wisdom, clarity and vision as a force to be reckoned with. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

“Victory”, as described in the first card, is in the hands of wise women all over the planet who are doing everything in their power to bring abundance, health, good food and honest work into their communities.

Remember the original root of economics, is oikonomos, meaning household management, and this Virgo/Libra card fits the bill for prudence, fairness, and just use. An example of this is micro-loans for business startups that are finding success even in pockets of poverty. It has been shown that men take the money and the training and leave for the cities, but women almost always invest in their communities.

Her next assignment comes in the form of the impetuous Knight of Wands charging into the 8th station on the wings of Mercury.

8)Sephiroth:Splendor, Card: Knight of Wands (Scorpio/Sagittarius)

As he leaps into the fray with a fiery force he can be blind to the consequences of his actions and fall flat or choose to be guided by the wisdom of the Queen and think before he leaps. The Knight’s old methods of conquest, leaving disaster in his wake to fulfill a quest, need to be reigned in. His energy, enthusiasm, and determination need to have follow-through and a deep purpose that perseveres or he may end up making a lot of false starts.

This card offers encouragement to take action, but thought and planning for the long-term are needed not just seeking glory or victory for its own sake.

Wedding the Knight and the Queen in an updated Lovers ritual would be optimum for this tumultuous time. This union is both within ourselves and with others, gender is irrelevant.

9) Sephiroth:Foundation, Card:6 of Swords “Science”

Here, in the very foundation of the tree, we see the opportunity to redefine “Science” as a holistic practice where mind, heart, body and the environment are all components in any solution. This alchemy will bring a revolution in the medical world by integrating all available modalities to strengthen the natural healing properties and immunity systems.

The gods of science will humbly learn from nature by using the tool of permaculture as a model for agriculture and human communities alike.

In relationships this is a card of integrity as Mercury asks for honest communication and Aquarius reveals a common vision that deepens the purpose of human bonds so we may evolve a more intelligent expression of our emotions.

10) Sephiroth:Kin(g)dom, Card:7 of Wands “Valour”

This card led off the previous year’s reading and it has now worked its way through all the stations to rest in the earth plane. This is a great sign that through all the turmoil of the last year, people across the globe continue to find the courage and resourcefulness to fight for freedom. With flexibility and grace, communities will create site-appropriate, innovative solutions to old problems like renewable energy and new ways to resolve conflict (i.e. restorative justice).

Mars in Leo has taken the authentic purpose of the 6 of Wands and he continues to carve out new ways to be powerful and creative without using force and violence.
We need his will, fierceness and determination as a warrior for life instead of an instrument of death.

Mars is often judged and rejected when he angrily announces his grievances. The fire of anger exists in humans to wake us up to oppressive paradigms. It is a key evolutionary leap for humans to honor that voice and let the Queen; with her calm, earth-based wisdom guide the Knight toward non-violent solutions.

We will see non-violent revolutions sweep the planet as US supported dictatorships are defeated and America’s role in supporting corporate interests over human and natural rights will continue to weaken its power in the world. At the same time courageous individuals and groups will be setting into place life-affirming, non-exploitive modalities so our children and grandchildren will be served by governments of, by and for the people and the earth herself.

America will begin to break up into smaller regions for solutions as begun by San Francisco’s single payer, Healthy San Francisco program, and Vermont’s attempt to do the same.

The negative of this will also be manifest as seen in the state of Arizona where gun-slinging vigilantes reveal the underbelly of racism and ignorance.

Its going to be a hell of a ride, but the beauty of Death is its finality, and make no mistake, this nightmare of empire is almost over.

We will nurture the new world that is within our grasp and already in our imaginations and we will do it with courage (7 of Wands) and real science (6 of Swords) guided by wisdom (Queen of Swords) and right action (Knight of Wands).
Victory is in the hands of the healers, the heartfelt, and the honest! Aho!


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There is a way through to a brilliant future!

I’ve just read “The Passionate Mind Revisited “ by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad.

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