Princess of Disks

It is the Year of the Young Woman, who is calling all of us home to re-root ourselves in nature and find our resiliency there.

She has exceeded reactivity, symbolized by the balance of Yin and Yang in her shield, that is both protection and the out flowering of her inner mystery.

As the divine witness she sees past the lies that rationalize the exploitation of the earth, and acts in consort with all who love her, to reveal that which is gestating in her glowing belly.

She will be birthing authentic projects that mimic the systems of her mother earth, like permaculture, fully confident that a new time has already taken root and the future world is growing amongst the ruins.

Her message is, “I don’t care what you call your spiritual path, or your religion, just as long as you are pagan, too!”

In other words, this place, this life, this sacred gift cannot be owned, enslaved or considered a temporary testing ground for the afterlife.

All the laws that are at the core of our failed, colonizing, nation states, must be discarded so we as a species will once again abide by the laws of nature, become a global village, and find ourselves welcomed back into the world family that includes all species.

Laws that protect exploitation of the earth through the lie of ownership will be replaced by a re-cognition of the rights of nature herself.

Her sister, The Princess of Wands, in the position of communication in the Kabbalah, is ready to dramatize these principles through theatre, dance and activism. But watch out, if this fiery one is not heeded she will stir up some serious conflict!

On February 14th women all over the world will participate in, to declare the end to the abuse, rape, and oppression of women. It follows that as we treat women so we will treat the earth. Women will no longer be held back!

The Sun XIX

The Sun follows the Princess in the position of wisdom, revealing that it is time to reclaim the joyous, innocent and playful child in us all!

Everything in this reading is calling us back to source, so that we can radiate, like The Sun itself, and give without conditions or limitations.

All of us are here at this time to end the reign of superstition and prejudice, to illuminate this time with the creation of co-operative, egalitarian, consensus-based forms of community and enterprise.

The Sun, like the fiery core of earth, calls us to orbit our own soul so we may heal ourselves and offer our unique gifts; our reasons for incarnation at this crucial time.

The 7 of Disks (failure)

In the heart of the mother, (Binah, in the Kabbalah), we find it is a failure of the human imagination to continue to work without meaning for a system that only uses and discards us. The 7 of Disks, ruled by Saturn, is pressuring us to recognize that jobs don’t work, only work that reflects an authentic life purpose can satisfy the yearning of the human soul.

The 4 of Disks (power)

Next we step into the 4th position and see that to own our power we need strong boundaries to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm or unconsciously undermine our purpose.

These boundaries need not be harsh, just clear, kind, consistent, and declared bravely.

The 9 of Wands (strength)

As we step into the challenging position #5 on the tree of life, revolutionary change can be seamlessly traversed if we can radiate, like the Princess of Disks and the Sun, our inner fire, so that others trust and are reassured by our presence.

The Wheel of Fortune X

We will need this inner strength to not be thrown into chaos by the Wheel of Fortune that reigns in the solar center of the tree, position #6, so we can rediscover the deeper meaning of our teacher, Jupiter.

This secret of this card is that we are not meant to be victims of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but to find the natural cycles of life and bring our own rhythms into sync.

The three beasts on the wheel are the Gunas in eastern mythology. The Monkey represents action, The Sphinx, the wisdom to witness that we find in stillness, and the Crocodile, that represents, inertia, where we can shed light on our shadow and heal from within.

Sadly, the only Guna that is valued in our consumer society is action, when we are desperately in need of the ability to slow down and hear our inner guides.

Jupiter will offer us opportunities to find our destiny and life work if we are not dazzled by temptations that keep us in the failed state of the 7 of Disks.

Once again we are called to the center of the circle, like The Sun, to see these phases as natural and the endless pursuit of progress and conquest as diversions that leave us empty and greedy for more.

If we can honor times of introspection, be willing to heal our wounds and then help others through the compassion we gain, then Jupiter will open doors for us to do our real work within our own communities.

The 5 of Swords (defeat)

Next it is our work to rescue Venus from her feelings of defeat after being treated for millennia as an objectivized source of our temporary gratifications.

She has literally become gun-shy at all the violence and abuse that is done in the name of love, be it patriotism, religious fervor, or possessiveness on a personal level. But the last thing she wants is to be defended by the toxic form of Mars, who just creates more violence. She does not want more guns, in the schools, in the streets or on the battlefield. She is calling on Mars to give her real respect by laying down his weapons and becoming a warrior on the path of enlightenment. May it be so.

Princess of Wands

Next we see the Princess of Wands that is the active part of the Princess of Disks. She has already stepped onto the world stage speaking out at the climate change conferences and demanding that we give her back her future, and her children’s children as well.

PLEASE Note: The Princess is not just young women but that courageous aspect of all of us, that knows it is time to defend her life-affirming power to recover and thrive.

The Hanged Man XII

Now we go to the scene of the passion of the Piscean age, that must let go and relinquish its guilt-ridden, inhibited limitations on the free spirit in all of us. The Hanged Man XII, who represents the sacrificed gods of the past Aeon, epitomizes this.

No longer will we crucify the male aspect every time he upholds the feminist values of nurturance and compassion, like Jesus did.

To sacrifice is to make sacred and now we must not surrender our powers to guilt, shame and saviors outside ourselves.

Surrender now means to drop deeper into our own souls and find there the serpent power of the kundalini life force and encourage it to rise and electrify our embodied self. It is an age of healing, a time to own our sexuality, creativity, autonomy and once again, after an initiation based on self-awareness, we may find ourselves in the luscious garden of our mother earth.

The 2 of Cups (love)

It is so fitting that the final card that appears in the position of actual materialization, is the 2 of Cups, called love.

As we find ourselves freed from inhibitions to express ourselves fully, we will find that like humanity, love also wants to be free and freely given.

As Thich Nhat Hahn states, “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”

Thich Nhat Hahn is a perfect example of a feminist man who is both kind and courageous, an activist who continues to do his inner shadow work so that he is truly a kind warrior on the world stage and firmly on the path of awakening.

So tap into the deep convictions of your soul purpose, trust your intuition, and declare, “Like a tree standing by the waters, I shall not be moved…”

Videos of young women speaking out!

14 yr. old Afghani, Malala, speaks out for women’s rights to education: