Key words: Balance and Justice

NOTE: This is not a sound bite so read it when you have time to digest, I promise it will nourish you!

“Just like a tree standing by the water, we shall not be moved.”

– civil rights song lyrics

Choose a tree this year to befriend and visit it regularly to reroot yourself in nature. Yes, scientists have now learned that tree hugging actually boosts our immune systems. Just like a tree our growth needs to be sustainable, able to sway with the winds of change and stay steady, strong and peaceful. Hold fast, have faith, even when you don’t know the answers. Apparently we must face the darkest, darkest hour just before dawn. We were born to facilitate this transition, keep the dream alive for the future generations, that they may thrive!

All permaculture systems to heal are ready to go. A shift in values, purpose and consciousness, rooted in love, is the final stage that will end this era of greed and abuse. But before blast off we need to become an immoveable force.

Time for us to ground ourselves in the work that we are here to manifest as our unique gift to this world. Find ways to infuse your work with meaning and ethics even if you are working for institutions that are only focused on profit.

The reading begins and ends with eights. Starting with the 8 of Disks and ending with the 8 of wands. These cards are both aspects of the Archetype called Justice, or Adjustment, in the Thoth deck.

This is a Libra card, whose symbol is the scales of Justice, the only astrological sign that has a manmade icon.The trouble is the definition of justice in our world has lost its connection to nature’s laws and has become a manmade tool of unjust systems that are hell-bent on unchecked growth and exploitation of so-called resources including water, air, earth, and all species, including humans.

We have lost touch with the intrinsic value of life’s myriad forms and view everything through the lens of profit and the desire for power.

When you don’t know how we will make it through the collapse of empire take signals from the laws of Gaia who is diligently adjusting to all the abuses of humans. She can heal and recover if we stop interfering, stop our destructive exploitation, and start working with her through permaculture, peacemaking and taking care of each other.

The element of Earth is the strongest aspect of this reading. Besides the 8 of Disks, Prudence, we also see the 6 of Disks, Success, and the 9 of Disks, Gain.

We will achieve success by doing work that is in service and grounded in love (9 of Disks, Venus in Virgo). It is a stressful time, so the healing arts are especially emphasized.

The collective idea of love is still lost in the realm of fantasy and delusion, (4 of cups). Time to bring up to date your current relationships by communicating clearly about where you are at now.

To clarify ask yourself:
What you have learned –
What you want to invite in now –
What you are releasing that is dysfunctional –

Then make choices from this fresh evaluation. (The Lovers VI, previously called Decisions or Choices). Remember after the fantasy, honeymoon phase it is the willingness to communicate honestly, to sit in the fire and not run, and to be vulnerable, that bring intimacy and deepen relationships.

The Air element, or the mind, is facing an internalized battle rife with self-judgment and cruelty, (9 of Swords), so its time, more than anything, to be kind to yourself.

If you can let go of the victim through self-acceptance then you will be more capable of birthing projects and work that is authentic and part of your destiny. (3 of Swords, Saturn in Libra). Create structures and reasonable goals that enhance your ability to give birth to work that is essential to your life path.

The most crucial aspect of the year is represented by the connection between The Hanged Man and The Emperor. The Hanged Man holds the central position on the Tree of Life nailing us to the martyred (Jesus, Ghandi, King) and inhibited archetype (fundamentalist fanaticism) of the Piscean Age that we are leaving to rise up into the visionary, healing and intelligent love of Aquarius.

The last 2,000 years are defined by religions and pseudo-science that negate and denigrate the natural world, consider sex and sensuality wrong, except for the purpose of procreation. It is time to embrace the embodied self and see our interconnectedness to the web of life.

Earth is not a testing ground for who goes to heaven or hell, it is a place to learn about love, creativity, evolution and the mysteries of the universe.

The Aquarian Age is also focused on technology as we work to reign in these new tools to serve to bring us together and help create one world. Right now they are basically serving the profit motive and creating a lot of close-knit alienation.

The Emperor and The Hanged Man have the same body language that is shaped like the number 4. The Hanged Man is upside down and immobilized. To turn thing aright The Emperor needs to reclaim The Visionary Activist, which is the true nature of Aries.

When an empire is falling it is suicide or martyrdom to throw ourselves onto the machine that is destructive and power hungry. While we need to continue to expose the dysfunction of the current system we need to trust in the life force and work on creating community through democratic systems of our own.

Don’t martyr yourself to the empire as it dies; rise in your courage and beauty to care for and protect each other through localizing food and businesses, and keep breathing with awareness, to make it through the birth channel into the new age.

The 8 and 9 of Wands, are the only fire cards in the reading, calling us to each be beacons of light and magnetize the people and support to us by fearlessly being our authentic self. The arrows in the 9 of Wands are tipped with moons symbolizing the feminine intuitive power that radiates and gives people confidence in what you say and do.

This suggests that being a force to reckon with draws the support of seen and unseen forces to our aid. The 8 Of Wands is sending energy out from this core through making connections with a diverse rainbow of talented and inspired folks across the planet. People like Vandana Shiva who are articulate, passionate and undefeatable. She was recently interviewed at the top of her game in a tete-a-tete with Fox news, without being disrespectful at all.

Time to let go of petty differences, blaming the other, and looking for an enemy.

Own your own duality by integrating your male/female, demon/light worker dichotomies and recognize all opposites as compliments in the dance of life.

Like that other great song that acted like a shield against the police and vigilantes during the fight for civil rights, “This little light of mine, I’m goin’ let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”