Friends, You are invited to come to the book-signing for my new book Magick Tarot at Many Rivers Tea and Books on the eve of the Inauguration.

Many Rivers Books & Tea
130 So. Main St.
Thursday, Jan. 19th 7:30-9pm

These are difficult times for all of us. May we rise to the occasion in whatever way we are called and capable.

My work is to serve by offering a perspective that will help us let go of fear and reactivity and find a way through.

I just completed my Annual Tarot Reading for the World using the Kabalistic Tree of Life layout to look at the major issues, themes and challenges in this world in distress. The cards reveal what we can do to evolve through these stressful transitional times by recognizing the underlying lessons to be learned.

For decades I have carried a vision of the dawn of a New Era of peace, compassion, creativity and celebration of this amazing gift of life. At Winter Solstice we remembered that even though this is the darkest hour, no one can hold back the dawn!

Please come to this interactive evening to share your thoughts, concerns, hope and dreams to heal our hearts and the world.

Blessings, Magick

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