cupacesWhen you read Tarot for many clients you see patterns; certain cards coming up for months at a time. In the Last 2 months the 10 of Swords has been everywhere. In the Thoth deck it is called “Ruin”. The image is of all ten swords striking inward, ineffectual in creating any outward motion. The sword with the heart on it is broken.

Swords are the suit of the mind and when we reach ten in any of the suits it means we have gone as far as we can in that direction and must find a way back to the Aces again.

Ruin suggests that because there is a tremendous amount of fear the mind is frantically trying to come up with the plan to save us, but they seem to fall apart a soon as they arise. It is a card of madness, isolation and depression.

The mind only knows what it has already experienced. In these precarious times, the old solutions are not sufficient. This applies to the individual as well as our world.

That is why I recommend that we return to the heart, the Ace of Cups, to remember the precious gift of life, to honor our love of this world, and to trust in the intimations of the heart.

Fear is the membrane between the known and the unknown.

When we bow down to our hearts, then answers, the right words and powerful actions can arise.

Elections aren’t seasons or cycles; they are power plays hiding the natural order of existence. We must invest in life, in water, as we are at Standing Rock, and know that there are greater powers then our little minds, and that love connects us to each other and all creation.

Do NOT stay isolated!

If you share your feelings you will realize that others are having the same reactions and we can return to calm response if we are not governed by fear and a false assumption that we are at fault or its all over.

This season is a time of composting and storing reserves, of huddling close together in love and gratitude.

“You hold the key to love and fear all in your trembling hand, just one key unlocks them both, its at your command.”
-The Youngbloods

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