god_of_war_by_mashiro… in his close encounter with the beautiful Gaia

Mars stumbles exhausted towards Earth, appearing through the atmospheric veil, like a brutal, broken knight of the Middle Ages. His visor thrown back, he peers out at the war torn continents, and falls to his knees in shock and horror. Everywhere he sees the devastation of this once lush and beautiful blue-green, dream, called Gaia. Tears tumble down his ruddy cheeks as he wails, “What have I done, Goddess forgive me, WHAT HAVE I DONE!”

Afghanistan and Iraq, Africa and South America, everywhere he looks the aftermath of war. Where mighty forests once stood, barren mountains crumble, scorched by the Sun. 60,000 years since he came this close, he tries to remember the words of encouragement he had given to the fear filled humans as they struggled to survive amidst the awesome forces of Nature. “Be strong,” he bellowed to the larger ones. He chose the men to be his disciples and trained them to fight for their families to survive. Brute force, would bring them through he reasoned. He taught them to make weapons to fight the beasts and kill for food. He saw the women praying to Venus for protection and scoffed at their pathetic hopes.

“Come forth, Oh! brave ones, worship me, and I will teach you all the Martial Arts, the science of weaponry and the art of war that is my legacy as the Fiery One!” Then he returned to the outer regions, continuing to answer the calls for more power from the men of Earth. From the weapons of mere bone and stone, he taught them to use iron and steel, to build the armies of the Earth, that proceeded to march forth relentlessly, reeking havoc in their wake. But he failed to check and see the results of his teachings, failed to hear the cries of the women and children. He ignored the anguish of the creatures of the Earth, who were no longer a threat, but now endangered, themselves.

Bloated with pride and blinded by the praises of the armies of men, he continued to grant them boons. Guns, and Cannons, Jets and Bombs, Mars became fascinated with the endless uses of his fiery force.

But now the heavens turned him back to look upon his wicked works and face the reality of his ruinous ways. “I only wanted to help them survive, they were so special in all the Universe, I could not let them perish, Could I?” But Venus, the Moon and Mercury, whose had stayed close and seen the ruination, looked on in silence as the truth set in. Venus, in her sweet compassion, touches Mars on his shoulder, and points to the Piscean Pools shimmering in the light of the starlit heavens, and whispers, “It is not too late, another age approaches, Aquarius beckons you to submerge yourself in Neptune’s waters and re-dream yourself, my brother.”

The cries of pain from all Earth’s creatures echos in his ears, and as he looks into Venus’s deep green eyes he surrenders all defenses. Mercury and the shining Sun help him take off his heavy armor. Weapons clatter to the ground creating thunder in the skies. Lightening flashes, the oceans rise and the poor, the wounded, and the mourning, look to the skies and pray for the end to War. His body, naked, broken, weary, slips into the sea, and all the heavens breathe a sigh of great relief. “Go deep, Go deep,” the Moon enchants, “face your demons one on one and don’t come back until your done! The hounds of hell will smell your blood if you do not cleanse completely.”

The Piscean peace of the oldest of signs finds its way thru his very pores, and his broken bones and sores begin to mend and melt into the dream time, until at last, the Mighty War God breaks the surface and reaches out towards his brother Sun!.

“Courage is reborn in me, no longer wed to fear, Courage is reborn in me, my passion is the will to live, create, and love, there are ways to work together. My resources are rich and many, violence so crude and temporary, will never rule again!” intones the reborn Warrior.

The men of earth, confused and curious, look to their lord on High! “Oh Mighty one they call to Mars, what do we do to stop our enemies, how will we keep your kingdom for you? Who will dominate the Earth?”

“My sons, my sons, lay down your guns, You are not threatened by anyone, My Brother Sun will teach you new ways to use the power of Fire, while I retire for a long needed rest and chart a brand new course. Listen to me or self destruct, I was wrong, I was wrong , listen, can you hear the song of forgiveness coming from the mouth of Kwan Yin!” They looked at him like he had lost his mind and he gratefully agreed.

“But my heart is still pumping and Venus has summoned me to come her queendom. All is well, The spell of false power is now dissolving and we enter a time of resolving our differences with reason and mutual respect. Mercury will teach you logic but the Moon won’t let you forget that your instincts take you on the path of your dreams, so give up your hopeless, conquering schemes, my old ways are no longer needed.”

Although the men were dumbfounded, and pounded their fists in dismay, Mars continued to follow the sweet and lovely sway of the hips of Great Gaia as she showed him the way to the palace of Venus Victorious. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the men growing bolder in their anger, they awaited his orders. “The enemy it lies within,” Mars he softly spoke, “fear of the mystery drives you to sin, look within, look within, search your souls for the coals of your inner light, that’s been smoldering through the ages.”

“The fires are for cooking, and firing clay, the fires warm your bodies and show you the way.

Good luck my sons, all life is sacred, rediscover the joy of existence. Begin, Begin, Begin Again! I will tell you what I learn as I go! Now my sons, we must see what our hearts have to show!”

The last words that he said were,”Take off your head, and put it on the ground, that’s how you enter the House of Love!”