seb-meadowfoamw5-300x275Meadowfoam, Meadowfoam,

Welcome home, Welcome home,
Once again you’re swaying in the wetland loam!

Sebastopol your special home
Your sweet petals,
themselves a poem!
Tell a tale of modern day greed,
The thwarted plan to build
houses for money,
When this wetland was home
to so many already.

When the rumors were flying
that the tractors were coming,
the crows were cawing,
the hummingbirds humming,
They called, duck down, Little Meadowfoam,
hide yours seeds,
So you tucked down deep in your mother’s breast,
while they mowed and mowed,
and killed all the rest.

You patiently plotted to make your return,
And one Spring day when no Schellingers were lurking,
You performed your magic, and Wow! Is it working!

You unexpectedly popped into the light,
Called to the breezes to carry your scent,
to all your friends and off they went.
Knowing trouble hovered close
with a greedy thirst,
Bravely you waited hoping Bob Evans would come first,
Your hero he found you,
and bursting with joy!
He brought in witnesses before
your enemies could deploy.

So the council it met to deal with the news:

The Mayor declared,
“The law it will stand!
Your presence demands
that your home be protected!”
So the City Council
finally and decidedly rejected
any plans that would harm your sweet wetland home,
Tiger salamander appeared
grinning ear to ear!
At last! At last! The coast is clear!
and earth-loving humans shed many a tear,

After five years of fighting
the battle was won!

All because one little flower
found her way to the Sun!

[©Magick 5 15 05]