Meet April

April seated with tarot cards spread outApril Faith Hirschman’s greatest joy as a Tarot reader is assisting her clients in discovering their true self and their unique life purpose. She has been a professional Tarot reader for 18 years. She was the house reader at the Hotel Triton for several years and also offers classes and workshops.


April creates a safe, empowering space for transformation to happen by moving away from the inner critic towards total-self-acceptance. She then focuses on what gifts are available at this time to deal with any challenges and to achieve a higher level of accomplishments and happiness.

Mind-Body Connectivity

April incorporates a mind-body connection in her work with clients because she is also a Certified Massage Therapist, Belly Dancer and teacher, and Yogi.


April uses the ancient art of Tarot as a complimentary modality in her work as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. She has helped many clients find their unique career and relationship paths while offering concrete actionable steps.

What Clients Are Saying…

I have worked with April for over two years. She is profoundly intuitive and insightful, offers constructive and creative suggestions, and makes me feel totally safe to explore any and everything I need to. I have found my work with April to be inspiring, motivating, illuminating and change-making. It’s the perfect blend of cultivating insight, and making concrete action plans. Powerful combo!!
-Laurie Pomeranz, San Francisco

My sessions with April were like magic! April suggested some appropriate techniques to unblock my creativity that were innovative, powerful, yet quite natural for me. I am so grateful for the focused insights and tools I now have.
-Lisa David, San Francisco

April helped me recognize behavior patterns that were preventing me from following through with the goals I’d set for myself. One of the greatest things I got out of seeing April was not just how to set and manage my life’s objectives but a renewed sense of self worth. Thanks April!
-Richard E., San Francisco

Thank you for a great visit and new inspiration. What I got from you yesterday made the whole day worthwhile. You bring good medicine to the world.
-Robert Greygrass, East Bay

April is a wonderful coach! She is very professional, insightful, and intuitive. I recommend her fully, whether it is to untangle some of life’s challenges or to simply get a read on your direction in life. Great fun and enlightening!
-Carin Johnson, Sebastopol