Dear Friends,

Excited to be teaching again in the New Year now that I have my Tarot book, Magick Tarot, out in the world!

I am offering an 8-week series:
Thursday nights starting Feb. 2 thru March 23rd, 2017
5:30 to 6:45pm

Please sign up ASAP!

In this interactive class we will learn how to use Astrology, Mythology, Jungian Archetypes, Kabala, and Numerology to weave a story of the most beneficial ways to work and play! You will learn to do readings for yourself and others. I highly recommend that you get my book, Magick Tarot, which is available at Many Rivers and Copperfield’s Books, both on Main St. in Sebastopol, as well as Amazon.

To Sign Up:
Questions call:707 327 7940
$200 for the Series

Available on Amazon: Magick Tarot, by Magick Altman

Starting to get positive feedback about my book, Magick Tarot! So pleased to find that it is working for people in answering their questions and giving insights and tools to use in their daily lives.

There is also a whole chapter that gives a down-to-earth explanation about how to do readings, incorporating multiple modalities like Astrology and the Kabala.

I have been reading for over 30 years and find that the cards are both empowering and enlightening. This book is useful for beginners as well as advanced intuitives as Starhawk states in her blurb on the back cover.

Honored as well, that world-renowned Tarot experts, Mary Greer, author of Tarot for Yourself, and Vicki Noble, co-creator of the Motherpeace deck, offer their appreciation of this work, that was 10 years in the making!