passionate-mindI’ve just read “The Passionate Mind Revisited “ by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad.

In these times of drastic change when “unnatural disasters” caused by our species are rocking the planet daily, and the social and political fabric is being torn asunder, what’s a human to do? I highly recommend that you read “The Passionate Mind Revisited”

The old paradigms filled with judgments, absolutes, and so-called truths that cannot be verified, must go into the compost heap!

This brilliant deconstruction of failed religions, social structures and rigid fantasies of ideal human relationships will give you a refreshing approach to a both/and perspective that will help you become a trailblazer, aware and freed from the adolescent stage of human evolution.

Time to let go of all the forms of belief that claim to be “The Way” giving us absolutes and answers for all our questions. These parental substitutes play on our fears and insecurities so that we will surrender our own unique journey to the god, guru, or dictator that promises to take us to paradise.

Time to grow up into a caring, curious and creative human who is willing to accept the full-range of human complexity.  Our hearts have an immense capacity for caring and love, our mind’s potential is constantly expanding, along with our physical prowess, and we have egos that can get out of control, emotions like anger, and minds that will always being thinking. The authors, Diana Alstad and Joel Kramer, show us ways to fluidly navigate the different dimensions of the human condition and come through it with our awareness, critical thinking and compassionate hearts intact and thriving.

Yoga Journal calls it “a survival guide for the new world order”.

For me, personally it succinctly exposes the lies of belief systems that basically dislike, disparage and deny the beauty, freedom and creative chaos that is life.

Earthlings that happen to love this blue-green gem will find a refreshing reassurance that being a fully engaged sensual, sexual, emotional, free thinking cultural creative is really what its all about!

It unmasks the lie that religious institutions are at heart loving expressions of some alien almighty and reveal them as hierarchies bent on preserving their own power positions by manipulating the good/bad right/ wrong limited perception of life on earth.

Forget about the paths and get in the river and start swimming it’s a hell of a ride!

This book will show you the way out of the wormholes of a civilization gone bad. Let me know what you think – Critically and compassionately that is.