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Using a mixture of Tarot, Astrology, Kabbala, Numerology and Mythology, Magick and April’s readings offer down-to-earth advice and clarify the life lessons that are unfolding in the present. You will receive insights into your relationships and your work. Revealing the future you are headed for now, and the tools you need to accentuate or change it. All topics are covered, including work, love, play and creativity!

Where You Can Find Us

April and Magick are offering Tarot readings at:
Twisted Thistle Apothecary

1391 Haight Street
San Francisco, Ca.
Google Directions

Pick a free card from our Herbal Tarot deck to find what herbs from the Apothecary might be just right for you!

Tuesdays 1-6
Sundays 1-6
Call for an apt or just drop-in.

Magick also gives readings at
Infusions Tea House

6988 McKinley St
Sebastopol, Ca.
Google Directions

Other Options for Readings

April and Magick are both available for readings at their home offices, or via phone, or Skype.

Email, text, or call for an appointment.

Magick contact information:
Skype name: magickaltimes
Cell phone: 707-327-7940

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April’s contact information:
Skype name: april.hirschman
Cell phone: 415-794-3854