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You have a role to play in the theater of life. Magick Tarot will draw back the curtain of your personal story revealing all the characters, actions, and emotions that spotlight your life lessons and how to grow into your full potential.
Employing Jungian archetypes, Astrology, Numerology and the Kabala as different lenses, you will see an authentic reflection and acquire the specific tools you need to evolve.
Magick Tarot is unique in the field by also giving you insight into the socio-political realm and how to be most effective as an activated participant on the world stage.
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Advanced Praise…

“Join Magick on a magical mystery tour of the Tarot as it came of age in the 60s and 70s. For those who want to explore Tarot through a perspective of self-realization, this is the book for you.”
-MARY GREER author of Tarot for Your Self

“Magick takes a fresh and original approach to reading the cards. She integrates numerous decks, including the Motherpeace, into a broad sweep of timely and historical cultural references, anecdotes about her precocious daughters, and personal narratives that bring the cards to life and make them sing.”
-VICKI NOBLE author of Motherpeace

“I’ve been reading Tarot for nearly fifty years, and within the first few pages Magick Altman gave me insights that were completely new. Whether you are interested in the cards from a spiritual and philosophical perspective, or for counsel and advice, this book will be a helpful guide full of rich ideas.”
-STARHAWK author of The Fifth Sacred Thing